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We have been working with Manatee Printers, Inc. for over two decades, and they consistently deliver high quality printing for what can sometimes be quite complicated jobs. They always work hard to find solutions for new and different techniques and have exemplary customer service.
Ringling College of Art & Design
Senior Life Publications has been working with Manatee Printers, Inc. for over six years and their quality of work is superb. They always deliver our magazine on time and their pricing is very competitive. During the pandemic they have proven to us they are a company with a heart.
Howard Blaustein
President, Senior Life Publications
I have been in the publishing business for over 33 years and I have dealt with a lot in this business, from unan- nounced price increases to non-communicated delays in printing. These issues do NOT happen with Manatee Printers, Inc. They stay on top of my orders from the time I upload the file until my magazine arrives at the door. In January 2013, I made the best business decision to date for SEGA Prep Sports LLC., and switched to Manatee Printers, Inc. for ALL of my printing needs. If you are tired of being treated like a number, give Manatee Printers, Inc. a call today, you will be glad you did.
Shawn Smoak
SEGA Prep Sports, LLC.